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The latest  novel from Jo Calman

An Alchemist's Tale  - Out Now!

ISBN 979-8-8602-5354-4 

Julia Kelso returns to London after an extended absence and she is immediately pressed into service by MI6. MI6 and its trusted economists are predicting a disastrous surge in the size and importance of the world’s burgeoning illicit economy, so much so that national economies could be brought crashing down. Kelso’s mission, with Mel Dunn and Alan Ferdinand, is to infiltrate a sophisticated global money laundering operation that involves the Italian mafia. Previous efforts to find a way into the laundering operation have ended with fatalities and failure. Success will be an inside understanding of how the operation works and who is behind it, but at what cost? It all depends on Ferdinand, who is at the sharp end facing the unknown and taking on criminals who have a ruthlessness he has never experienced before.   

Book Signings Coming Up:

Saturday 2 December 2023, 11am - 3pm

Tibbs Farm Cafe, Udimore Road, Rye TN31 6AR


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