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An Alchemist's Tale, the latest novel from Jo Calman, is out now!



Julia Kelso, Mel Dunn and Alan Ferdinand are drawn together by a loathing of corruption and injustice. The Kelso series charts their battles with their enemies and follows them as their trust, friendship (and more) grows.   

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A Transfer of Power - Out Now!


For a first novel, this was great story-telling which gripped my attention from page 1. The characters were very well developed; I cared about what happened to them, so really pleased there is a plan for further books. Having a good plot is one thing but being able to transcribe it into a good, coherent story, that makes the reader want to keep turning the pages is quite another. But this book achieves that. It also had a really good ending. I loved it.

AG, Buckinghamshire

A spiralling number of drug related deaths lead Julia Kelso to the conclusion that highly toxic cocaine has been stolen from government safe storage and selectively fed back to the public. Kelso needs to find out who is doing this and why. It becomes a race against time to stop the desperate and corrupt people responsible, and Ferdinand wants them to pay a heavy price for their avarice.

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A Price for Mercy - Out Now!
ISBN 979-8-6709-6738-9

The author has an immense knowledge and deep understanding of all kinds of dark arts, criminal trades and political nuances. As a reader, you feel in safe hands if a little breathless at the pace of the plot.

Bettie 5

The latest crime thriller novel by Jo Calman
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An Inner Circle - Out Now!
ISBN 979-8-5520-3802-2

Commander Julia Kelso is not convinced that an apparent suicide in North London is what it seems. She launches an investigation, only to have it obstructed at a higher level. She digs further and uncovers a terrible trade in human beings, driven by cynical corruption. But this time the corruption is close to home – very close!

An Undeclared Contest  - Out Now!
ISBN 979-8-4974-2265-8

As past events catch up and close in, Commander Julia Kelso and her friends find themselves fighting for their lives. Only this time their unseen enemy is calling the shots, hiding in the darkest recesses of the internet. Under attack from all sides, Kelso and the team don’t know where the next threat will come from, or who their next enemy will be. It could all end in triumph, disaster or prison.
Or in death.
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Fact-based cold war drama by Jo Calman and
Casey J Smith

VIKTOR - Out Now!

In the early 1980s the world was on the brink of a nuclear Armageddon. Trust between the USA and the Soviet Union was at an all-time low; suspicion and fear ruled. Each side believed that the other was planning an imminent surprise attack. Viktor Gumnov, a KGB officer with a background in marine science, is sent on a secret mission to Washington charged with the task of finding a way in which the Soviet Union could defeat America and the West.
Based on a true story, Viktor is a tale of high-stakes espionage as it really happened, and of how a potential global catastrophe was averted. It is a story of courage and ingenuity, morality, and of the eternal quest for understanding.
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